Application Installation

These all steps will guid how to install application on your Android and iPhone devices.

1) Unzip the code you will receive the Flutter dark code:

Inside Product packages.

Once you unzip the ''product' folder you will able to see all folders inside it. You will able to see all required folder like android, ios, Assets and lib folder.

Clean and Delete .Gradle and .Idea File.

Before going to run your project on the android platform you have to perform some task to build and run the application on android studio.

Delete Cache files from the android folder.

Open Flutter Project -> Android -> .gradle and .Idea file.

Steps to build the Android Project for the First time.

  1. Open Only (I said Only) Android folder on an android studio.

  2. Clean and Build Project.

  3. It will take some time to build and download the all gradles files.

  4. Again build project.

  5. Connect Real Devices and run on it.

  6. Sometimes it will give minor Stripe payment file issues due to different version on stripe packages.

  7. Make sure to use latest version of the android studio.


2) Open it on your IDE. we are using visual studio code:

  • Drag and drop or open the product folder on your IDE. Here we are using the Visual Studio Code IDE so we are following all the steps based on that IDE.

  • Do not worry if you are using other IDE like Android Studio all steps are the same for both.

  • Download the latest Visual studio code or Android studio code and install it on your system.

Before going to start all things make sure you need to set up all required basic things as mentioned bellow

a) Visual Studio Code or​

b) Android Studio​

c) Xcode for mac system​

d) Flutter Installation

Note: we have added standard link to configure with all above software with your can refer any other links as well its up to you.

  • Make sure flutter and should be installed properly on your system.

  • We are using Visual studio code so you need to add flutter and dart packages to your installed IDE code.

a) Flutter configuration with Visual Studio Code​

b) Flutter configurations with Android studio code​

  • First of all, we will set up for android and after we will go for ios.

  • we should suggest you use mac system so you can run both the applications.

  • Before going to set up for android you need to follow some steps.

  • Drag and Drop or open the main folder on your visual studio code.

Once you open the project in IDE
  • Clean Project using flutter clean command

  • Make sure your IDE support flutter.

  • Flutter and Dart should be installed properly.

All Required Flutter and Dart Packages
  • Download all packages using flutter packages get command

Flutter clean and get packages command on IDE
  • It will take some time.

  • Check all flutter dependency related flutter using flutter doctor command

Check all dependency with flutter doctor
  • Check channel which channel you are using with flutter channel command

Check channel for android using flutter channel command
  • For Android, you need to set a Stable channel using a flutter channel stable command.

  • Make sure without a stable channel you can’t able to install the application on your phone.

  • Fire flutter doctor command for installing channel.

  • Make sure to use the latest android phone.

  • After everything is done you are ready to run your app.

3) Required Steps for IOS:

  • For IOS installations make sure you must have to use mac system with latest os and with latest XCODE IDE

  • Before going to all steps configure your IDE(here visual studio code) to Xcode.

  • Check Xcode configuration with flutter doctor command

Xcode Configurations with flutter doctor
  • Once everything is fine you should follow some steps to install the ios application.

  • Your ios application works on Master Channel due to some packages which we have used.

  • Use flutter channel master command you will shift the stable channel to master channel.

  • Download master channel packages using flutter doctor command

  • Once everything is finished confirm the channel using flutter channel command

  • Open the terminal (your IDE terminal)

  • Go to the ios project using cd ios command

IOS Source code for installing pod files


  • You will find Podfile and Podfile.lock

  • Remove Podfile.lock file using rm -rf Podfile.lock command

  • Make sure do not remove Podfile

  • Install all required packages using the pod install command

  • It will take a little bit of time to install it.

  • Once everything is done you are ready to run your project on ios.

  • Connect your latest iPhone or Open simulator to run the application on your ios platform.

  • Before the admin panel installation, you will not able to run your project successfully.

Replace Base_url with Existing url