Change Application Icon

In this section we will guide you how to set app icon on Android and iOS.

1) For iOS

  • For the application’s icon make sure you have a proper icon size with 1024 x 1024 format.

  • Without proper icon size, you will not be able to generate proper app icons.

  • Generate all icons from the icon generator online for ios and android.

  • Download all icons and unzip it.

Icon Generator

  • Open Xcode and go to Assets -> AppIcon Folder.

Replace your icon with existing one
  • Already FoonZone Icons Placed There.

  • Drag and drop all required icons with proper size format.

  • Make sure size should be proper otherwise it will give warning.

  • For ios, there is 1x,2x and 3x format.

How to replace icon with existing one

2) For Android

  • For android, you need to use 512 x 512 size or 1024x1024 size of the icon.

  • Open the Android folder on the android studio.

  • Go to the Project->Main->Res.

  • Right-click on it , click on new and click on ”add new assets”.

  • It will open the assets view to select the path from where your icon is generated.

Open Assets Folder for Change icon
  • Select the 512 or 1024 sized icon.

Select 512 or 1024 size of icon from your local system
  • Resize according to your requirement with the icon and arrange the background colour and click to next.

Resize the Image and fill the BG colour and press Next
  • Clean your project, rebuild it and run your project on your device.

  • All basic set up has been done.