Localization/Language Modification

Latest version of application and admin panel which support multiple language.

The latest version of application and admin panel supports multiple languages. The Buyer can add and change or replace the existing string with a new title or string.

The Buyer can replace new string very easily on both the platform Admin Panel and Flutter mobile application.

1) For Admin Panel

We provide Restaurant and Owner Admin panel on a single platform. You must have to change for both.

You must have to follow the paths.

  • admin/language/english/common_lang.php

  • owners/language/english/common_lang.php

Replace Admin Panel String With your new String.

2) For Flutter Mobile Application.

We have added four different languages but you can add as per your requirements. Also, you can replace the existing string with the new string title.

go to lib/generated/i18n.dart file and replace it with the existing title string.

How to replace String File on Flutter Application.