Google Map API and Google Place Picker API Setup

This page will guide you how to set up the google map api and google place api for project.


1) Go to the Google Maps portal and register with a new project.

GoogleMap Console ​

GoogleMap Console Dashboad
  • Follow all the steps and add your all billing details there.

  • Make sure the google map portal is paid for your google place API.

  • After adding billing details get google map keys and Google Place API keys for your project.

  • Make sure to enable both the key otherwise it will not work.

​Android Google Map SDK​

Enable Android Google Map SDK

​iOS GoogleMap SDK​

Enable iOS Google Map SDK

2) Copy google map key first and pest it on Android and IOS project.

Copy google map and google place picker key for ios and android


  • Open the Android manifest file and add it to there.

Add Google Map key on Android manifest file
  • For IOS open ios folder inside runner, folder add a key on swift file.

Add GoogleMap key for ios

3) Enable Google Place API KEY

  • In "FoodZone" application we have used google place api for search the current place on which you want to fine the stores or restaurants.

  • Also we have used it for adding new customer address through the place api.

Enable all google map api key.

4) Add Billing Address on Google Map Console

Without adding billing details on google map console you won't be able to use the google map key on admin panel. You won't be able to add store address. Also, you won't be able to use the place picker and google direction API on mobile application.

You just need to go on the google map console. Select the project which you created there and add your billing address.

Add Billing Address to Google Map Console

-> Google Place Picker API​

* Add Billing Address on Google Map Console


Google Place Picker which we used two place
  • Add place picker api to your dart project.

  • For using place picker in your application you need to add place picker api on your flutter dart project.

  • Open your project on IDE and go to lib -> helper -> constant.dart -> KEYS

Add Place Picker API to DART Project
  • Now clean and build your project using flutter clean and flutter doctor command after saving it.

  • Run your project on iPhone or Android platform.

run your project or hit fn + F5
How to run project

Check The video: how to get google map and google place keys from the GoogleMap console.

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