Change Application Name
In this section we will guide your how to change application name at iOS and Android side.

1) For Android

    For Android open android folder in android studio.
    Open the AndroidManifest.xml file and change the label name.
    By default, you will find the labeled name is “FoodZone”.
    Replaced with your project name.
Change Application name for Android Application

2) For iOS

    For IOS go to the your ios folder where you save in your system.
    Open .xcworkspace file on the latest Xcode.
Open .xcworkspace file to latest xcode
    Go to the main target general settings.
    Change the application name from the app name
Change Application Name From Target
    Change the application from the info.plist file.
Change Application Name from info.plist file
    Clean the project using cmd+k or cmd+shift+k.
    Build your project and run it on your latest iPhone.
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