Payment GateWay Integrations

This section will help you to integrate the payment gateway into your application. Please make sure the payment gateways which we used on the default application is a sandbox account.

We have used 4 type of payment systems inside the FoodZone Application.You can change or add new payment gateway according to your requirements and with your country.

Please note that: We used Sandbox account for the Braintree (Card and Paypal) and for the stripe payment gateway.Actual amount will not be deduct from the customer's account.

  1. Cash on Delivery

  2. Pay to Pickup

  3. Stripe Payment Gateway

  4. Braintree Payment Gateway (Card Payment and Paypal Payment)

1) Stripe Payment Gateway

For Stripe Payment gateway integrations your need to register on stripe portal.

​-> Stripe Payment Gateway Portal​

Stripe Dashboard
  • As mentioned above you need to register your stripe account as a sandbox account.

  • After that once everything work perfect you may go to make your account live.

  • Once your account is ready and set your publish key on application payment will reflect on stripe dashboard if everything works perfect.

  • Copy Your Publish key and add it on you flutter application at lib -> helper -> Constant -> KeysClass -> publishKey

Replace Copied Publish key on Flutter Project
  • Now your application is ready to receive with stripe payment.

  • We added important links on link sections.

2) BrainTree(Card & Paypal) Payment Gateway

  • Before going to setup Braintree PayPal and Card account you need to register on portal.

  • Linked your PayPal account to Braintree.

​-> Braintree Payment Gateway Portal​

  • Add all required details and select the payment methods which you want to set like.

Select Braintree Payment methods.
  • Registered with all required details you will get merchant id which will use on flutter application.

MerchantID Which is required for flutter project
  • Copy your merchant id and add it to the flutter project as mentioned on image.

Add your MerchantID to Flutter Project on constant file
  • once everything is done your Braintree payment transaction has been reflect on Braintree dashboard.

Payment Reflection on Dashboard


Note: We have mentioned all basic steps which are necessary for flutter application.How to add merchantID for PayPal and PublishKey for Stripe.


3) RazorPay Integrations

  • Before using Razorpay you must have to log in with Razorpay account.

​Razorpay Account​

  • Copy Razorpay key id and pest in project.

Replace Key Id Inside Constant file.