Driver Application

In this section we will give the brief introduction about driver application.

How the driver application works?

Before going to run the application you must have to follow bellow steps for the driver application.

  • Download or Purchase the code and unzip it.

  • Open on latest IDE Visual studio code or Android Studio.

  • Follow all steps for app installation which you have followed for the multivendor application.

  • Configure the push Notification on firebase console.

Driver Functionality

Before going to login driver application you must have to give all required information to admin.

Admin will approve the driver details and add all details they will provide the admin credentials.

Driver does not have registration functionality.

Driver works based on their current location so if you disable the location from the driver application you will not received proper data from the admin side.

Driver has order Accept and Order Reject functionality.

Admin can only assign the order to driver who is near by that restaurant or on order location.

Once order has been assigned to driver that drive is fixed for that order so new order will not assign until and unless driver delivered that order(as of now we disable that functionality for testing purpose.).