Firebase Push notification Configurations

In this section, we will guide you on how to configure push notification on your existing application.
  • Before going to configure firebase push notification on ios and android platform you need to configure your project on firebase console.

  • You have to create project and ios and android application on firebase console.

  • Add bundle identifier of ios and application packages id of Android project.

​Firebase Console​

  • Please follow all the steps which are mentioned on firebase console for both iOS and Android application.

  • Download google-service.json file for Android

  • Download Google-service-info.plist file for iOS

1) For Android

Drag and Drop Firebase Google-Service.json file
  • Once every things is done you need to drag and drop the file to App level folder on Android.

2) For iOS

  • For iOS platform follow all the steps which are mentioned on firebase console.

  • For this you must have enrolled apple developer account.

  • Register your application with updated bundle id.

  • Configure push notification and download development and distribution certificates.

  • Add those certificates to your system keychain with double click on that certificates.

  • Generate .p12 certificates and add both the certificates on firebase console.

  • Download GoogleService-Info.plist file.

  • Drag and Drop that file on ios -> runner folder.

Drag and Drop GoogleService-Info.plist file
Register new identifier
Configure Push Notification on Developer Account
Add .p12 certificates to Firebase Console

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