Change Theme Color and Logo

Follow all the steps for your theme modification.

1) Change Application Theme Colour

  • As per your requirement, you can change from the constant file.

  • Open the constant file and you will find global class AppColor.

  • Inside that class, all colours are mentioned.

Change Application Colors
  • Go to lib -> Helper -> Constant -> AppColor Class

  • Change the colour according to your requirement and save the folder and test it.

  • You can change the font colour, header colour, theme main colour, banner colour from the entire application with just one change.

  • Drag and drop your required application logo in your assets folder.


  • Register your image on pubspect.yml file as mentioned in the image

Add Logo Image in to Assets Folder
  • Please make sure to give the proper file path format otherwise it will not work.

Add full path of image to .yml file
  • Change your path URL from constant->AppImages->appLogo key

Add Logo Image URL to Constant file
  • Save it and hard reload the project it will reflect with your logo.